10 Bridge Street Sydney Roof Membrane replacement

Project: 10 Bridge Street Sydney

Builder: Building Owner

10 Bridge Street enjoys a roof top swimming pool area with sweeping views of the Sydney CBD. Accompanying the pool is an entertaining deck enjoyed by the tenants of the building however, the tenancies below the swimming pool after each use also enjoyed a constant trickle of water that leaked from the pool entering cracks and old outdated metal electrical conducts that had corroded allowing water to enter and track across the ceiling, dripping into the tenancies making them un rentable.

KwikSeal SP80A Plural membrane was selected by the Contractor to carry out the resealing of this area.

Sections of the pool decking were removed to allow access. The leak points identified. Surface contaminants removed and the area was ready for sealing. The zero VOC of the KwikSeal SP80A KwikSpray system and the 7 seconds curing of the membrane ensured the work, smells and application did not infringe on the building or surrounding buildings at any time.

Area treated: KwikSeal KwikSpray SP80A: 400 M2

10 Bridge Street Sydney