Griffith University Building G40 G41 BUILDER Lang O Rourke

Project: Buildings G40 & G41

Builder: Lang O’Rouke

In 2012 KwikSeal Systems were selected by the builder of the Griffith University Buildings G40 & G41 LANG O’ROURKE to provide a superior waterproofing system that allowed follow on trades to access the waterproofed areas faster than other available system in the market place. The whole external roof areas membranes were to be covered with a three-layer system of KwikSeal KwikSpray Plural Membrane Systems was the obvious choice for the external roof areas offering speed of cure (7 seconds to jell out cure & 3 Minutes to construction foot traffic). The selection of KwikSpray accelerated the project roof areas allowing the complicated EQUAS overlay drainage, insulation, and paving system to be installed the following day eliminating the required 7-day minimum wait out period of other systems offered. Chemical resistance from Cooling tower equipment and treatment.

Total Areas covered: 4,600 M2

Application of a Kwik cure membrane was offered for the waterproofing of the Breezeways between the G40 & G41 buildings. KwikSeal PU70A UVR THIX hand applied membrane systems was offered, evaluated, and accepted as the fastest and best performing membrane for this application.

KwikSeal PU70A UVR THIX is designed to stay where it is applied. No more membranes running down walls. Slumping into low spots of the horizontal surface applications. KwikSeal PU70A THIX is designed along with KwikSeal P45 PU Primer to cure fast. Allow follow on trades to access overnight. Shore Hardness of 70 A ensure follow on trade damage is almost eliminated.

Griffith University Building G40 G41 BUILDER Lang O Rourke

Griffith University – Builder: Lang O Rourke

Total Area Covered 3,500 M2

Energex installed the substation on the site that was to power this building and could not be compromised by water intrusion. KwikSeal PU70A UVR THIX hand applied membrane was the membrane selection for this work. The application entailed the total removal of a previously installed failed membrane system by diamond grinding. Application of KwikSeal P45 PU fast cure Primer, KwikSeal PU70A UVR Thix and KwikSeal ALPTC75S Aliphatic Top Coat incorporating Anti-Slip aggregates completed the works.

Total area Covered: 650 M2